8 Nov 2012

All Natural Cutie Pie, Roxy Raye, feels Electrosex for the VERY 1st Time!

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

Everyone has their own talent that makes them shine in a given situation. As one of the most capable femdoms working at Kink, Aiden Starr knows how to bring out the true inner electroslut out of any woman! Roxy Raye finds herself at the not-so-tender lesbian BDSM mercies of Aiden, who has her arms restrained in a box tie while standing, all of it foreplay for the eletro corporal punishment to come. While Roxy’s thinking that’s the worst it could get, it just her lack of imagination that keeps her from realizing how much worse her situation is about to be. Wiring Roxy up with sticky pads on her legs, Aiden laughs as she makes her wince with pain and the anticipation of pain with a cattle prod. Of course Aiden doesn’t stop her electrosex fun at just that. She digs out the biggest electro asshook in the Kink property room and digs it deep into Roxy’s ass to prolong her electro BDSM agony!

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