1 Aug 2013

Audrey Hollander and Mz Berlin Get Worshipped, Electrosluts Style!

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

Two beautiful and cruel big breasted redheads dominate the slim dark haired beauty Bianca Stone. Bianca has sticky pads bound with electrical tape to her entire body. The pads on her arms, tits, thighs, and calves send electric shock waves through her entire body, and she struggles against the electrified metal bars of her cage. The dommes don’t let up on the electrotorture, teasing their plaything with glossy red zappers the same firey shade as their hair. Bianca screams, but her screams are muffled by the sweet cunts of her captors. She must reach her tongue through the electrified bars to please her mistresses, zapping herself again and again until the redheaded lesbian dominatrices reach the heights of pleasure, coming all over her electrified face. You’ve never seen electrosex like this before!


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