29 Aug 2013

Darling Gets Double Penetrated With the Samurai!!

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

In this scene with two sexy, curvy blondes, Lorelei has Darling bent and bound in an exposing piledriver with electric clamps on her thighs and her full breasts tightly tied. Darling’s pussy and ass are open to anyone who wants them, pink and wet and waiting to be stretched with electric metal cocks. Lorelei plunges the samurais deep in Darling’s holes, building up the pleasure and teasing out the pain. With both her holes filled, Darling has no control of her body or brain. When Lorelei commands her to, Darling cums once, then again, then continuously until she can’t even speak anymore. Lorelei turns the electricity up, zapping Darling’s thighs, pussy, ass, until Darling is just moaning and cumming again and again, cunt juice running down her stomach and onto her firmly tied tits.


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