20 Oct 2012

Electro-Ballerina: Melody Jordan

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

As a ballerina, Melody Jordan is used to enduring pain for her art. But Chanel Preston adds a new dimension of electro BDSM to Melody’s suffering and no matter what choice Melody Jordan makes, in this electro predicament, it’s the wrong one! Chanel makes Melody stand on one leg while holding the other high in the air. While this lesbian BDSM pose doesn’t seem like a punishment for a dancer, the lezdom’s predicament for the electroslut is a mercury switch attached to her ankle. When her her leg that’s in the air is up, it shocks a plug in her tender, tight asshole. When she puts her foot down to rest, a copper bar delivers another shock. Of course, Chanel adds extra electrosex incentive for Melody to do her bidding with the help of a zapper. Watch, as Melody endures a whole new kind of pain for her art!

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