10 Jun 2012

Phoenix Marie Suffers to an Electric Chair

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

Big tittied slut Phoenix Marie is far from a newbie in any sense of the word, and she’s not a stranger from the sting of my electrosex toys. When she visits for this update, I know she can take a harsher lesbian BDSM punishment than the other sluts that passed through.

She’s strapped down in the electrical chair, both her feet in electrified water and her body wired up with electro pads to convulse at my pleasure. I violate her cunt, wet and sopping from the electro BDSM games, with a metal dildo.

If that little bitch wants to cum, I make sure she endures 10 times the pain for every bit of pleasure she eeks out from pussy violation and clit stimulation. But even as her body cums with each orgasm I allow her to have, as electricity continues to surge through her body.

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