24 Aug 2013

Rock N Roll Sluts! An Electrosluts Feature

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

Lorelei Lee and Alani Pi are in an undiscovered rock and roll girl band. Lorelei is the leader, and she drags Alani out one night to try to slip their demo CD to their favorite band. When they are caught trying to sneak into the backstage area, the security guard locks them in a basement room. Lorelei is furious. Alani has never lived up to Lorelei’s expectations for what a sexy rock and roll performer should be. In boxes and dark corners of the basement, Lorelei discovers some abandoned electrical toys. With the cattle prod, violet wand, taser, samurai, and electric butt plug as her tools, she decides to train Alani then and there in exactly what it takes to be a hardcore rock and roll slut.


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