18 May 2012

The Curious Girlfriend: An Electro-Lesbian Cuckold

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

To call the situation Eva ultimately finds herself in as uncomfortable would be an understatement. She’s hooked up to electrosex toys like nipple clamps, acrylic plugs in her ass and pussy and in lesbian bondage while her girlfriend, Lorelei Lee, and I fuck in front of her, flaunting our orgasms while denying her. I’m sure at that point she wondered what the hell happened? How did she get to this place? How did she become a lesbian cuckold and a true submissive electroslut?

The previous day, Lorelei excitedly told Eva about her shoot for Electrosluts. With each description of every spark and every jolt, Eva’s pussy gets moist and she grows more curious about lesbian electrosex and lesbian BDSM. Lorelei suggests Eva come to work with her, hoping that I’ll give a hands-on of the electrosex implements.

However, that’s something I don’t usually do, but since all the electrosex toys were out and we just finished scene, I made an exception. Eva willingly strips, revealing her small, natural tits and I initiate her as an electroslut with zaps from the zapper all over her petite body while I rub her pussy and clit. With sticky pads, the violet wand buzzing in her sopping wet cunt and metal butt plug shoved far up her ass, Eva begins her transformation into a true electro BDSM whore.

After several loud and juicy orgasms, Lorelei walks in on the two of us and is shocked. Lorelei vows to teach Eva what it means to be a true electroslut.

Tied up to a live copper bar, meant to shock the sensitive flesh under her arms, Eva’s decent into femdom electrosex is in freefall. With electrical clamps on her nipples and DP’d by acrylic, electrical plugs her whole body is wracked with convulsions as she’s shown what it means to be a true electroslut. Eva begs Lorelei (her girlfriend and the love of her life) to fuck her however, Lorelei denies Eva and fucks me in front of her instead.

Eva’s desire leads to her degradation into a complete and total lesbian cuckold, who can only watch, but never touch, her girlfriend again.

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