26 Jul 2012

Welcome Calico and Watch her Squirt from an Electro Speculum!

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

Say hello to Calico. This update is the first in her Electrosluts series, and I’m itching to initiate this piece of fresh meat into my electro lesbian BDSM games. Calico’s as cute as a kitten, but I think she looks better with her tight, little puckered butthole violated. Warming Calico up with a couple of my fingers up her ass, I move on to an electrified dildo to begin her electrosex training. Giving her a taste of the electro BDSM torment to come, I escalate Calico’s electroslut training with a wired hot speculum up her ass while I vibrate her clit raw. As the voltage goes up on her speculum, Calico’s poor clit cums harder and harder, and she orgasms so hard she squirts! Yummy!

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