8 Jun 2012

Your Asshole is Mine to Shock!

Author: cucumber | Filed under: Electro Sluts

Isis Love is a demanding bitch of a Dom when it comes to lesbian BDSM.

The fact that Audrey Rose is offering up her tender young flesh to Isis, her cunt spread eagled and tied open, isn’t enough.

If Audrey wants to know the pleasure of having Isis’ wet pussy and sweaty asshole smothering her face like she was a chair or her tongue knowing the contours of Isis’ hard, tan nipples, she must endure electro sex and anal torture. That is if, and only if, Audrey can impress Isis, under her imagination of lezdom torment, with her tolerance as an electroslut.

Isis tests Audrey’s tolerance with an electrical dildo up her ass, a flogger and wiring her nipples up for electrical shocks. In the end, Audrey’s electro BDSM encounter leaves her broken, with the tears from her agony ruining and running her makeup down her face.

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